But that only happens to other people….

Welcome May!! And here begins the busiest, craziest, most amazing and life changing month in my life so far!

Let’s see….getting married….graduation….going to Disneyland with my entire family…..packing and more packing…..honeymoon to Disney World in Florida……more packing….driving across the country to Chicago…starting new job in Chicago!! Whew!!! What a month it will be indeed.

So the last several months as I wrap up my time in the EATM program has been insanely busy. Stress levels have skyrocketed… And just when I thought things couldn’t get any crazier or more stressful, we got a puppy. I know, I know, what WERE we thinking?? It kind if happened very fast. We had our big Spring Spectacular event at the Zoo that we work towards all year, it’s our huge annual fundraiser and spans out for 3 weekends. We had some students from the college in the Arts program come up and do our makeup for the show we were performing in. Long story short, one of them had a litter of puppies they were trying to find homes for and they showed us a picture of one of the puppies. We fell in love on the spot. We ended up going out to their house to just “look” (yeah right, just look, ha!) at the puppies and we stayed for over an hour playing with all 4 of them. They wanted to give us a puppy for free as they wanted good homes for them and knew that since we were animal people, we’d give a puppy a loving home. The puppies were Chihuahua/Pomeranian crosses.

Geez were they cute! They were all so friendly, and so was the mother dog. We narrowed it down to one of the 2 black males, and in the end chose the one with the huge ears. On the way home, we named him “Moose”, a big name for a little dog. So of course, we came home with the new puppy that night. He was fantastic and blended in with our little family perfectly! However…..

The 2nd day we had him, he started throwing up for a couple hours and we thought it was because he had gotten one of the other dogs big chewies. I thought maybe it was just too hard on his tiny tummy. He seemed fine the rest of the day but the next morning I heard from the family we got him from and they told us all the puppies were sick and the other black one (that we almost got) had died that morning. OMG. Panic.

We had already taken Moose to the vet 2 days before and they said he looked great and checked him all over and gave him his first set of shots. We rushed him back there and told them what happened with the other puppies and said Moose had been throwing up the previous day just like the other ones had been. What we feared: Parvo. We left him at the vets and went to the zoo and everyone assured us it couldn’t possibly be parvo – he had no symptoms and where would he have gotten it from? I convinced myself that he must be fine, I mean, PARVO? really? That only happens to other people, and we had just learned about this awful disease in our Vet class, it couldn’t possibly be around this area.

The vet called me soon after “Moose has tested positive for Parvo”. More panic. How could this be happening? I had to rush home and take Angus and Zoey to the vet to get extra boosters for Parvo to boost their immunity. How horrible did I feel that we had unknowingly exposed them to parvo?? Because we caught it so early, they let us treat Moose at home. That meant quarantining him downstairs, completely away from the other dogs for 6 days. It was SO hard. Moose had to basically be kept in a large crate, on special food, and everything had to be bleached that he touched. Steve and I divided our time up so that one of us slept upstairs with Angus and Zoey and the other slept downstairs beside Moose’s crate so he wasn’t alone all night. We switched off nights and barely saw each other that week cause each of us took turns spending all of the time we had at home with the dogs. Our friends and roommates were awesome too and they would go over and let the dogs out/ check on Moose and hang out with them when we had to be at the zoo all day. That was a long week, but we got through it! Now Moose (and Angus and Zoey) are all healthy and happy pups!

So we’ve adjusted well to being a 3 dog family, and all dogs are having their birthdays fairly close together. Moose turned 3 months old 2 days ago on April 28, Zoey turns 7 on May 5, and Angus turns 8 on June 16. What better way to celebrate all 3 dogs birthdays then with treats from 3 Dog Bakery! haha, how appropriate right? Moose and I made a trip to our nearest 3 Dog Bakery yesterday and chose an array of delicious looking treats. We got home and Angus and Zoey came right over to see what was in the boxes and all pups got to have a couple little treats. The rest are in the fridge for them to enjoy all week long!