Blog Challenges – November 23, 2006

Blog Challenges

I haven’t done any of the blog challenges yet so I thought I better start on some.

What are 5 places you’d like to see/visit in your lifetime and why?

1. Definetly I want to see all of Canada. One day I’d love to drive all the way across it – all the way to
PEI and Newfoundland. I want to see everything!

2. Europe: Italy, France, Spain, and Hungary – where my roots are. My dad was born there but I have never been yet.

3. Australia: Always wanted to go. I want to see the koalas and kangaroos

4. Africa: Another place I’ve always wanted to visit. Seeing all the wild animals such as elephants, giraffes, lions, etc in their natural habitats would be amazing.

5. Cook Islands – I read an article once on this place and ever since I’ve really wanted to go – it looks beautiful from the pictures I’ve seen.

Next Blog Challenge:

Blog about something you are looking forward to. It can be something tomorrow, next week, next year…..

I’m always looking forward to stuff, you sort of have to or life just isn’t much fun is it? How sad it would be to never have anything to look forward to.

I look forward to things on a daily basis. From little things like when I wake up in the morning I look forward to breakfast (cause I love eating!:lol::lol: ) and eating in front of the tv while I watch one of my shows that I PVR’d the night before.

I look forward to seeing my family and friends when they come for visits or if I go there.

I look forward to sales at my LSS!:lol::lol:

Things that are a bit further down the road that I’m looking forward to:

– Christmas of course and being able to decorate my house.

– The next time I will get to see my sister and her family (they live inToronto)

– one day having kids of my own

1. Where has your best ever vacation been at? What made it the best?

~There have so many actually. We went on a lot of fun vacations when I was a kid and they were all really great. Since then the only real vacation I have been on was last May when we went to Hawaii – that was a lot of fun too.

2. Do you have a yearly vacation that is always at the same place? If so, where?

~Nope. But we did go to DisneyLand and Disney World a lot when I was younger.Those were awesome trips!

3. Did you and your family take a “family vacation” every year when you were growing up? If so, where was it?

~Yes but they were usually to different places. Like I mentioned in the above answer, we did do a lot of Disney trips but we also went to other places in between – and sometimes we went to other places on the same trip- either on our way to Disney or on our way home.:DSome trips that really stand out were ones to YellowStone National Park, Mexico, and once we did a road trip through the Eastern US States – New York, Massechusettes, Vermont, Pennsylvania (and we went to Amish Country!!), etc. I have a lot of wonderful memories from that trip – and some funny ones too:lol::lol:

4. Do you remember any vacation disasters?

~There were some, like my dad getting severly sick in Mexico while we were there. And once when we were in Florida, the airlines lost my luggage. I was 12 at the time and all I had were the clothes on my back. They did find my bag but not until 4 days later!

Recently though, I think the biggest “disaster” of our trip to Hawaii was when Brent got sunburned real bad. We went snorkling all day and he went way off for hours just bobbing along in the water and he had FORGOTTEN to put sunscreen on his back.

Later when we got back to our condo, he wasn’t feeling so great – I had noticed he wasn’t quite himself on the car ride back – he was acting strange – like giddy almost.:bounce: He said he wanted to lie down and I left to get a pedicure. When I got back he looked terrible! He got up and said “I think I got a sunburn” and he turned around and his back was BRIGHT RED!!! As in LOBSTER red! I rushed to the drug store to get some aloe vera skin recovery lotion. We had plans that night to go to a nice restaurant for dinner but we didn’t make it. Brent had sunstroke as well and was sick to his stomach all night. I ended up going to pizza hut of all places and getting a pizza and spent the night watching tv by myself while Brent was passed out on the couch. His sunburn was so bad though, that the next day he couldn’t even wear his backpack cause it hurt so much to have it on his back. Even having a shirt on was painful for him.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Everywhere. Magazines, books, tv commercials, people, songs on the radio. Sometimes just watching my dogs play even!

What memory do you treasure most?

There isn’t just one memory. There are lots of memories that really stand out from my childhood. I had a really happy childhood, I thank my parents for that. They worked very hard to give us what we needed and more. I think they probably sacrificed a lot for us. I remember going on fun family trips, having great birthday parties, and happy times at Christmas together. And then all the in between everyday stuff – like my dad and I building cages and outdoor heated structures for my menagerie of guinea pigs and rabbits.:D

And my mum and I making frequent trips back and forth between Victoria and Whistler while my parents owned a restaurant there.There are lots and lots of great memories, thanks Mum & Dad:)

Here is a rather sad memory that I also hold quite close to my heart. Almost 8 years ago now my Grandpa died – we knew it was coming but it was still difficult. The year leading up to his death I was still in college and for several months I was taking some day classes and some night classes and one day a weekI hada 2 or 3 hour break around dinner time between classes.I went over to my grandparents house for dinner every single week during that break between classes. It was just me and them and I loved it. I remember them being so good together – such a great couple – and very loving towards each other. They would joke back and forth and they made me laugh but I could tell how much they loved one another.

Then my Grandpa started going downhill pretty fast. I remember the exact days that I last saw and spoke with him before he fell into a coma which led to him dying only days after that. The thing is, I know he was very sick and in a lot of pain, but whenever he saw me, he would smile and be happy and he’d never let on he was in any pain around me.He’d hold my hand and tell me he loved me. A couple days later I got a new job that I really wanted and I went over to my grandparents right after I found out. I was so excited – I went right into the kitchen where my grandpa was sitting at the table and I blurted out “Grandpa! I got the job!”. I remember his whole face lit up and he said “Did you sweetie! That’s wonderful!”. I don’t even think he knew what job I was talking about but he wanted to be happy for me cause he saw that I was happy.

That was the last time I got to speak with my Grandpa, he fell into a coma the next day. He died on Valentine’s Day. I really miss him a lot and I’m sad that we lost him so soon. I think about him often and treasure the memories of him that I have.

Ok, now for the last Blog Challenge I’m going to do tonight.

Think back to 5 years ago….was your life very different than it is now? Did you think then you would be where you are today? If you could do anything over again to do it differently – would you?

5 years ago my life was VERY different than it is now.There isn’t much actually that is the same.Back then I would never have thought I’d be where I am today – for many reasons. First of all, I never would have even imagined living anywhere but my hometown where I lived my whole entire life.

5 years ago I was living with my parents still. Since then I have owned a house, a condo and now a townhouse and I have moved to another city.

If I could do anything over again would I? Probably not. And I say that because I believe that things happen for a reason. For a few years I had some very difficult times, times that I wouldn’t wish on anyone and there is no way you could pay me to re-live some of them. Those are times and memories that I try hard to bury away but they still haunt me occasionally. But I keep thinking to myself that there must be reasons that I went through them – obviously I have learned from them. And if I hadn’t lived my life the way it happened, and gone through the things I went through, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I might not have met Brent or moved to Vancouver, or lots of things. I am happy with where I am in my life, so I’ve just gotta leave the past as the past.:wink: