Back from CK Seattle

It was a quick but fun trip to Seattle for the Creating Keepsakes Convention. I taught 2 classes, both on mini books, and as promised, here are some photos of the finished Maze book for those who took the class. I learned the hard way that one bind it all machine is NOT enough for 40 people in a one hour class, so a big thank you to everyone for being so patient! I am going to invest in at least one more BIA for when I’m teaching away from a store.

My mum came with me for the trip and I’m really glad she was able to come! Even though we were exhausted from all the driving (and getting lost a couple times along the way!), we still had a fun time! Thanks for coming Mum!

A short post for tonight, but I’ve gotta go study for an exam that I have tomorrow morning. Only 3 weeks left of school! Woohoo!!