August 7

Happy Birthday Dad!!!


My dad is awesome! I’m so happy he is in Vancouver today cause I get to go take him out for his birthday lunch πŸ™‚

The last couple days have been busy trying to get stuff done before I head off to Toronto tomorrow morning. (going to work at the Gift Show with Nicole). I did manage to get a couple projects done that I’ve been meaning to make for weeks now – and they only took about 45 minutes each! I made a wall hanging out of CD’s for each of my nieces and now I can take them with me to Toronto to give them to them. My sister and her family are in Toronto right now visiting my brother in law’s family and they leave first thing Saturday morning to head back to Indiana. I will get to see them all Friday night after I get to Toronto – yay!!









All the paper used is by Rose Moka

We did a quick trip to Victoria on Monday just for the night and came back first thing Tuesday morning, leaving the dogs behind with my mum. They will stay there until I get back from Toronto and they are quite happy with that πŸ™‚ They love being at my parents house. I miss them so much already though, it’s so quiet around here without them. I keep thinking I have to go find them to take them out, or give them dinner, or I look for Zoey on the couch (where she is 90% of the time) – and no dogs!! πŸ™ Last night was especially sad and quiet around here, not only were the dogs not here, but Oscar wasn’t here either. I had to take him back to the shelter yesterday cause he is being neutered this morning. We should be able to pick him up later this afternoon and then we have to fill out the official adoption papers and he will be ours! (they won’t let us adopt him until he has been neutered, all this time we were technically just fostering him). Poor Gracie was walking around the house last night looking lost as her siblings were all missing.

One last photo to share:

this is what we had for dessert last night….mmmmmm