April Classes

My new classes for April are done! I actually got them done on time for once, lol. I really had a ton of fun making these ones and probably cause the paper is just so darn cute!  They are both mini album classes (cause of course that’s really all I make anymore) at Precious Memories

“Happy” mini album in a tree shape

This one is a Summer themed one, in a popsicle shape (mmmm….I love popsicles!)

Precious Memories has a blog now! Check it out – they have a giveaway going on right now!

Some new stuff that’s been going on here, well not too much, but we did go on a hike a couple weekends ago in Mission to a place called Hoover Lake. Totally out in the middle of nowhere and we only passed 2 other people the 5 hours we were on the hike.  It was an interesting day….

the trail started out like this:

and then quickly became like this: covered with snow!!!

Did I mention in a lot of places it was more than 2 feet deep??

The dogs did really well and walked a far distance on their own, then they got really tired and cold so we turned around at that point and we ended up carrying them both all the way back – which was 4 km!! I planned ahead and figured Angus would not want to walk too far so I brought a baby snuggli for him (I know, laugh all you want), but I’m glad I did! He fit inside it perfectly and I was able to hike back with him strapped to me. We had to put Zoey in one of the backpacks we brought, and she surprised us and sat in it without a fuss, she was cold too so I wrapped her in the extra fleece I brought. We must have looked pretty hilarious hiking back down with these dogs strapped to us, plus we were slipping and tripping in the snow all over the place. I’m so surprised neither of us fell cause we certainly came close to it many times. The dogs were so trusting of us!

We were all very thankful to get back to the car and to get the heater going!

Here’s a couple other photos from last week:

I walked into the room and found these 2 cuddling together, luckily there was a camera nearby!

Angus and Oscar are completely fascinated with the fish tank….