Always read labels….

I just want to send out a huge thank you to everyone who has submitted mini books to be considered for my book. I am blown away by all the talented people out there! It’s been a lot of fun looking at everyone’s galleries and blogs too.

I am really behind right now with emails and I promise I will write back to everyone who has submitted. The past few days have been really, well, not too fun. I have been out of town for almost a week visiting my mum. I packed up a whole lot of scrapping stuff and brought it all with me so I could get some work done without all the distractions of being in my own house. Unfortunetly I came down with a bad cold the day I got here and a couple days later it was at full peak and I was quite miserable. One of my contact lenses was bugging me so I took it out and put it in a dish of contact solution for the night. I forgot to bring my glasses with me, I also didn’t have a contact lense case. Just the solution that was left here previously. I neglected to read the labels on the bottle, even when there was bright red warnings on it. I was tired, I was sick, I learned a huge lesson the next morning when I went to put that contact back in. Ended up giving my eyeball an acid burn. Never before have I felt pain like I did when I put that contact in. So if you use Clear Care Solution, make sure you always use the lens case that comes with it, as it is the only one that neutralizes the solution, otherwise you are putting hydrogen peroxide and other chemicals right in your eye that can eat through your cornea. The white of my eye turned immediately bright red and it continued to burn all day, even when I rinsed it and rinsed it with water. It was so uncomfortable and I couldn’t see right since I have one contact in and one out. I finally gave in after dinner and let my mum take me to the hospital. They checked it out and put antibiotics in it which helped numb the pain, then they bandaged it all up and sent me home with tylenol 3’s telling me to take the pills and go to bed, and come back to the hospital in the morning so they can check the eye again. Basically to see if I was going to have any permanent damage. Wow, did I ever feel like an idiot. What a stupid thing to do. Back to the hospital the next morning and turns out it is already healing and I most likely will have no permanent damage. The rest of the day was terrible though cause I wasn’t allowed to put my contact back in that eye so my vision was all screwy. I was dizzy and nauseous all day. I couldn’t focus on anything. But today is much better, my eye feels great, I have both contacts in and can see again, so now I am back on the computer trying to catch up on everything. I did learn a big lesson though and I will not be taking my eyes for granted anymore.