A new milestone…

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A new milestone…..yep, I turned the big 3 0 yesterday.  I still can’t believe I am 30 already.  The weekend was good, Brent, the dogs and I went back to the island for a couple days. We went out with a couple of my friends Saturday night for some drinks but we ended up going home early as I was feeling quite miserable with the cold I had just come down with. What fun I was – we went home and I was asleep in bed by 11:30!! Sunday was perfect though, we got to hang around my parents house all day not having to go anywhere and then we had a family dinner that night which was fun. My dad cooked an awesome meal for everyone and we had ice cream cake for dessert (my favorite!).




Thankfully my mom did not put all 30 candles on the cake! lol


Love this photo I got of my parents. We were joking around and laughing once everyone left after dinner. My parents are so much fun! xoxo