A fun tutorial

I thought I should post this tutorial I did for Memory Makers back in February (that’s why it has a Valentine’s theme): cute door hangers using old CD’s

The full tutorial is here

This past week I’ve been sick with a bad cold so I haven’t got nearly as much accomplished as I wanted to.


However, in my attempts to use up my stash of supplies, I have been getting quite addicted to felt lately! I have a huge stash of it, so I’ve been playing around making various things such as embellishments,  pouches and envelopes, etc. Fun stuff! I mostly just make these little things while I’m too tired to do anything else at night while watching tv. Its perfect for me cause I have to be multitasking, I can’t just sit there and watch tv. (unless of course I’m watching Lost, which gets my full attention. If I so much as blink during that show I feel like I missed something major, lol)
So after night after night of creating these fun little things, I have decided to list some of them on etsy! What an awesome site that is!! I could spend hours just browsing through all the amazing creations that people have made.  Some of my items were featured on the Every Day Scrapper today!