A {bitter}sweet farewell…

Friday night we had my going away party at our house – it was a lot of fun but also sad cause I won’t be seeing my friends for a long time. We were up really really late and got up really early so needless to say not much sleep at all. Yesterday we spent the entire day packing up the SUV with all my stuff and thankfully my parents came for the whole day – they were a huge help with everything, in fact there is no way we would have got it all done and left on time if they hadn’t been there. Jodi and Dasha came by for awhile in the afternoon as well and helped. I had to say goodbye to my parents, Jodi, Dasha and the cats (Gracie and Oscar) so there were many tears. Oh and to my house too as I will never see it again.

We left at 7 and headed straight to the border which amazingly we breezed right through it – literally. The border guard simply looked at our passports and my student visa papers and told us to have a great night. He didn’t even ask about the dogs or ask to look in any of the boxes or even look in the car. NOTHING. wow. We totally expected to be held up there for awhile. So off we went with the SUV absolutely full of stuff, including the 2 dogs and 1 very disgruntled guinea pig (Fro). He was not impressed at being in a dog crate and continuously banged his hanging toy against the side of the crate.

We drove all night, stopping only once at a rest stop to sleep for an hour, then we switched off so each other could sleep for a bit. We went through many energy drinks (they really work though!) and stopped for gas several times along the way. Finally arriving in San Francisco this morning around 11am. We were able to check into our hotel early, then met up with our friends Jen & Peter. (Jen was my best friend all through junior high and high school). It was great to see them again and we had a great time! Thai for lunch, long walks all around the city, Fisherman’s Wharf, Italian for dinner, and Ghirardelli’s ice cream. Oh and we took the dogs for a long walk through a beautiful park and to a dog park right on the beach. They loved it and even played in the waves – already true California dogs!

Tomorrow we continue south for another 6 or 7 hours crammed into the car, and then will arrive at my new home….


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