50 Days of Journaling – Day 1

Here we go! Day 1 of 50 days of Journaling 🙂

I have chosen to do my journaling in an Art Journal as it is something I’ve never tried making. If you are joining me in this challenge, you can do an art journal, a mini album, a regular scrapbook page, or any type of journal – it’s totally up to you! The journal prompts I’m going to post will simply be to help inspire you and give you some starting off points.

So once again:

For anyone who wants to join in, each time you post a comment here on my blog on any of the journaling posts, you get one ballot into a random draw for a copy of my book: “Outstanding Mini albums”

You can post your answers to the questions if you wish to share, or you can just write them in your own journal. If you wish to share photos of your art journal that is ok too 🙂 I will post any photos on here of your work if you’d like to share, along with a link to your website or blog. Please email me any photos to jess.acs (at) gmail.com

Ok let’s get started!

1. What’s in my purse

Go ahead and dump out your purse to see what treasures you have stored in there! You might be surprised at some things you find in there!

2. Good Things (from last week)

This is a good one to journal about each week. Try to think of little daily pleasures such as having a quiet moment sipping on your favorite latte, or warm towels from the dryer. This is a great recap to remember all those great moments of the week that has just passed by.


Here are my journal pages about the above topics:

I started by painting some gesso onto the page with a foam brush and when that dried I brushed on a few different colors of acrylic paint, slightly watered down. I stamped the letters for “Purse” with foam stamps in acrylic paints then outlined them with a black fine tipped felt pen once dry. I added a couple doodles and the stars at the bottom with watercolor paints.

I started this page out the same as the first with the gesso and then watered down acrylic paints. Then I doodled and wrote all over it and added a lot of watercolor paint. Once it was all dry I spritzed it once with glitter spray.  I’m really enjoying this art journal thing, I love using my paints and getting a little messy 🙂