12 on the 12th

I thought it might be fun to participate in this challenge: 12 photos on the 12th of each month. I really wanted to do the 365 days of photos but I’m so not very good at remembering to take at least one photo a day.

So here are my 12 photos that I took on the 12th. A couple days late as I’ve been sick and it’s been really hard to even get out of bed 🙁

Sorry for the blurriness of some of the photos, they were all taken with my phone and I didn’t have the best light for some.

1. We woke up to find a lot of snow on the ground. Boo

2. A couple of our favorite things in our kitchen: mine is the Mickey hand oven glove and can you guess Steve’s favorite? Yep the storm trooper spatula!

3. My 3 babies sitting in a row. (and hoping for a treat)

4. A very cold pig out in the snow. Norman does NOT like the cold.

5. We went to a thrift store and Steve was thrilled to find this gem: Star Wars Monopoly. All pieces are there too!

6. While I was trying to take a picture of Zoey on my pillow, Moosie had to sneak in there to be part of the photo.

7. Picked up some of these while we were at the grocery store! One of my weaknesses is definitely orange tic tacs! But only the orange ones.

8. Vanilla Steamed milk. A new favorite of both mine and Steve’s. I recently tried one while at Starbucks because a friend of mine always gets them. YUM!!! I came home and made one for Steve to try and we’re hooked. We’ve been making them every night.

9. Mac n Cheese. I had an odd craving (I’ll blame this on the pregnancy) for this. I can’t even remember the last time I made mac n cheese. Years…..  Thankfully it was a quick craving and over right after I ate the stuff. Hopefully it will be years before I crave this again.

10. Stanley our dumbo rat out for a little play. He’s such a cutie and so affectionate.

11. Steve begged me to play Monopoly after dinner. He just loves it cause it’s Star Wars themed. So we played and I lost. Of course. I hate Monopoly. haha

12. We ended our Thursday night with our favorite show: Big Bang Theory.