Thrifty Thursday – Great Finds

We have found some incredible deals at thrift stores so I wanted to share some of our best finds as of recently. When I lived in California, the area I was in did not have many thrift stores at all and the ones it did have were a big disappointment. So while I was living(…)

Hidden Veggie Recipes for Picky Toddlers (& Kids of all Ages!)

It was literally only a few months ago when Ava was eating everything we put in front of her and I remember boasting proudly that she did so. Well I sure learned my lesson, now she has become much much pickier with her food. She has also learned that having 3 dogs and a pig(…)

Randomness Today in Our House/Zoo

Today Ava still isn’t feeling 100%, far from it I think. Back to the Dr we go tomorrow. *sigh* So we stayed home all day, and Ava had a PJ’s day. She asked continuously for a muffin and it’s so hard to say no to her when she asks so nicely “Pease??? Pease???” When I(…)

Right around the corner

Once again, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. I overheard Steve talking to Ava about it yesterday and when he said ” I get to have two Valentine’s – you and Mummy!” – I almost melted into a huge puddle of mush right there. I have to admit that Valentine’s Day has never been a(…)

Free Party Printables – Disney’s Frozen

I just wanted to share this great deal: Free {Disney’s Frozen} Party Printables set – the add on set that is regularly $1.99 is FREE for the next 2 days :) I recently saw this movie and it is now one of my very favorite Disney movies! If you haven’t seen it yet, add it(…)


Since I haven’t blogged this past month I thought I should follow along in Stephanie’s footsteps and participate in a Blog Your Heart Out post. Why not? Here is my random photo: one of our baby hedgehogs. We now have 6 hedgehogs and we’re keeping all of them. :) Here I go! 1. ¬†One of(…)

Our Holiday Recap

I really should have blogged more in December, that way I wouldn’t have 200 photos to show in this post. Just kidding, there aren’t quite 200 photos. ha! So here is our December recap: We started out by celebrating an early Christmas in Indiana at my sisters with my family: Then a few days later(…)

Toddlerhood: 18 on the 18th

Today my baby turns 18 months. 18 months on the 18th, exactly a year and a half. *sigh* To think it was just a matter of months ago that she wasn’t even walking yet, and now she is literally RUNNING all around. She says new words every day now and she is understanding more and(…)

Holiday Printable Round Up {Free Printables}

Everyone loves free printables so here are a bunch of fun Holiday ones for you to download and print out. Enjoy! Holiday Photo Checklist Dear Santa Letter Printables for Preschoolers Dear Santa Letters for Older Kids Cookie Exchange Printables Organizing Your Christmas Printables

3 Dogs & a Baby: Visit Santa

Last week when Steve and I went out for our date night, we stopped at the mall to do a little bit of early (well I guess it’s not that early) Christmas shopping. I noticed a sign up near the Santa visiting palace that they were doing a Pet Photo with Santa night! Woo!! Back(…)